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Choosing your partner to facilitate your search for talent is a business-critical decision. The partner should have a detailed understanding of your industry, a comprehensive knowledge of organisational structures and role definitions, an extensive network, and critically the consulting capability to add value beyond a simple recruitment exercise. The partner needs to convey credibility, integrity and professionalism as they will be your representative when you go to the market.

The investment in executive search and selection is not insignificant, however, with the right executive appointment, that return on the investment should be achieved quickly. To that extent, choosing the right strategy will not only prove to be cost-effective, but it will ensure the market is appropriately considered before an appointment is made.

A partner who has the ability and track record to undertake an executive search and selection process tailored to your requirements is fundamental. Different market conditions dictate different methodologies – issues such as the economic conditions, the sensitivity of the role, candidate availability, time to execute, and nature of the “person and position” specification, all contribute to determining the appropriate strategy whether that be executive search, advertised selection or a hybrid version. Clients should consider this model as the basis for their decision making.

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BKP Search & Selection offers expertise, knowledge, credibility, professionalism and integrity.